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Writing: Nature vs Nurture

Writing, for me, is like an instinct. As I am sure it is for many others. It feels like it is just there and you have to get it out. No amount of doing anything else is going to cure you. Almost like an itch that you can’t scratch. An invisible monkey on your back.

The Strangers: Prey At Night (Review)

There was nothing good about this movie, I mean nothing. The acting was terrible, the characters were all cliche, there was nothing redeemable about anyone. At a certain point you just want them all to die because they are so stupid.

Living, Writing, & Working With Fibromyalgia

For the longest time, I mean actual years, I didn’t even know I had fibro. I had all the symptoms, all the time, though. The problem was that I kept getting shuffled from doctor to doctor being told that it was in my head or fibro isn’t a real thing or that I was just depressed…you name it.

Life Is What You Make It…Right?

I’ve read is that life is what you make of it. Live each day to its best. If you are unhappy it’s because you aren’t grabbing the bull by the horns and enjoying life. That you are in charge of your destiny and all that nonsense. Except, none of that is true.

Patreon: What is it, and why do I have one?

Patreon is a platform where you can help financially support freelance workers of all types. Its a way for content creators to get paid and for fans of that creator to feel like they are making a difference in the creator’s life by helping to support them financially.

The Backstory To Birthright (My Bestseller)

Though I think that every book I have put up on my Amazon page is worthy of being called a book, there is one that stands out among the rest to me (and apparently other people). That book is called Birthright. There is something about it that is more powerful and raw to me than the other books that I have listed. That’s not to say I think all the others are bad, just different, and I think there is a very good reason why this is the case.


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