The Strangers: Prey At Night (Review)

Where do I even start with this one? I knew I wasn’t going to like it, I hoped it would be better than I expected but it wasn’t. In short, I also hated the original movie, first movie, whatever we are calling it. The one just called “The Strangers” so there was no reason for me to think this one would be good but it was free to watch and I was bored. I will be getting into a lot of spoiler territory with this one. The good news is that I didn’t pay a ton of attention to it so I probably can’t spoil it that much but, really, this is a movie you don’t want to see in the first place.

It starts with a family of four. A husband, a wife, a girl, and a boy. I did not bother to learn any of their names because it was stupid from the start. The girl is some sort of wannabe rebel chick and there is a conversation with the mom about how she’s being sent away somewhere. Either they never say where or I wasn’t paying attention enough to catch where. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a boarding school for troubled kids or something like that because of how the girl was acting. Except, she was super cliche 2edgy5me rebel girl in a way that I don’t think anyone anywhere could identify with her. The son/brother is more normal almost preppy. Despite their differences they do seem to get along.

The family is on some sort of vacation at a trailer park, I guess? They go into the main building and then there is a note saying that they will be staying in trailer 47. It was left by the “Uncle” and no one is there so the family heads to that trailer. On one side of the mailbox there is a creepy smile face. I’m pretty sure if I had to guess (and I’m not going to look up) the writer/creator will say that this movie was “inspired by” the Smiley Face Killer but if they did say that (and they probably did) it was a piss poor attempt to portray what that even is. Very loosely and badly inspired by it. I’m only making this guess because the first Strangers was billed as “based on a true story” and I guess was inspired by the Manson murders (and neither could be more different).

Moving right along, they go into the trailer and it looks like someone was already living there. The dad is about to eat left over Chinese food from the fridge until the mom tells him not to and he throws it away. Then something happens and the girl gets upset and goes outside to smoke but not inhale a cigarette. The brother eventually joins her. They leave for a walk and go into another trailer and find a random jump scare dog and a dead body I guess. They freak out and run out of there. They find their parents who are looking for them and then split up. The brother goes with the dad to to “check” the trailer and the mom goes with the girl back to the original trailer and they are supposed to call the police.

When they get into their original trailer they find that somehow all the cellphones are smashed. Also some girl with a mask breaks in and tries to stab them. There’s a whole thing with her knocking on the door at the beginning and being weird too. Guess it was supposed to be suspenseful but it was obvious she was going to be one of the killers so it didn’t work on me. The girl and the mom get into the bathroom and lock the door. The killer is outside and has a knife. They realize they can get through the sky light/window above. Which I assume any normal person would be quiet about but the girl decides to scream about it the whole time which causes the killer to know something is happening. She breaks into the bathroom and stabs the mom to death but rebel girl gets away.

They cut to the dad and the son, there’s another killer after them. The dad finds a gun and warns the killer to leave in 5 seconds or he’ll shoot him (instead of just shooting him like any normal person would do) and of course, the killer vanishes into thin air. He gets in the car with his son so they can run away (they already know the mom is dead and stabbed by this point) but the killer dude with the ax causes them to crash. The son gets away but the dad dies or something. He’s impaled on a fence post or whatever I know that. The son runs away the daughter is out there running around as well.

Eventually, the daughter is on the road (after a few almost kills) and a car pulls up. It’s the ranger of the trailer park or a cop or someone. He gets out to help her and in the most unbelievable move possible the killer girl with the blond hair shimmies up behind him silently (don’t believe this is possible) and slits his throat. Girl gets into the car and grabs the shotgun after being sliced a few times and she shoots the blond girl killer with the gun. The girl killer falls and she gets up and takes her mask off. Then this happens…literally:

Rebel Girl: Why are you doing this?
Killer Girl: Why not?

Rebel girl shoots her in the face and then runs away to find her brother I guess. They end up finding each other and a new killer girl with a mask and short hair finds them too. The brother has a gun and is in perfect position to shoot this girl but doesn’t even though literally anyone would have shot her but no, brother and girl run away. Props to the girl who kept yelling “Give me the gun I’ll shoot her” but the brother was an idiot and just made them run instead. He ends up at some pool house and the power comes on. At some point he loses the gun, I don’t know where or how cause I wasn’t paying attention. The second girl killer comes after him with a knife. He grabs a golf club and hits her in the face. She falls down. Instead of continuing to beat her senseless like a normal human, he gets down to check on her and she almost stabs him. He gets the knife from her and stabs her. At that point, ax man in a suit and sack for a mask comes out and fights the brother. He ends up falling in the pool and getting stabbed in the back.

Rebel girl comes along just in time and gets the brother out of the pool after sack head leaves and pulls him into some room in the pool house. She does nothing to help with his bleeding or whatever and…I mean blood was coming out of his mouth so you’d have to believe he was stabbed in the stomach/lung area. She leaves him and tries to get in the ranger car to drive to get help. The sack man is in his truck and rams her a few times. She gets out of the car and sees that both cars are leaking gas so she gets out her zippo and throws it into the gas causing a flaming explosion through both of the cars. Here’s when it gets even more stupid than it already has been.

So the truck that sack head is in catches fire, along with sack head himself. Rebel girl starts walking down the road but suddenly the truck that is on fire and just exploded starts up and starts to drive after her. Instead of doing literally anything smart, like running off the road into the trees where she’d be hard to hit, she continues down the road making the path super easy for the guy to drive while he is literally on fire and his truck is on fire and he is not dying somehow. Eventually, she gets on some kind of bridge and sack head stops his car, gets out, and is covered in burns and blood. He pulls some glass from his gut then collapses. Instead of making sure he’s dead, like any normal human would, rebel girl gets up and heads down the road. She finally gets a pick up truck to stop and help her. Except, somehow, for no reason, sack head is right behind her. The lady in the truck starts driving away and rebel girl climbs into the back. She gets a bat which is apparently in the back and hits sack head and he falls off the truck.

In the end, they cut to the girl with basically no injuries in the hospital and her brother is alive but on a ventilator. Which makes no sense. He had to have bled out with his original injury and how long he was alone in that pool house but WHO CARES ABOUT THAT RIGHT!? Anyway, rebel girl is sitting in a chair in his room, she gets up to get some water and there’s a knock on the door. The music implies that it’s one of the killers or something but then it fades to black and credits roll.

There was nothing good about this movie, I mean nothing. The acting was terrible, the characters were all cliche, there was nothing redeemable about anyone. At a certain point you just want them all to die because they are so stupid. No actions that they take make sense for any human with half a brain to take (just like in the first movie) and ugh. I could honestly write a better movie with my butt. Especially if it was supposed to be about the smiley face killer (which I can’t confirm it was it just seems like it was). I’m glad I didn’t see this in theaters but I’m mad that I somehow got bored enough to watch it on Netflix. I don’t know who likes these types of movies but they keep getting made so please…for the love of god…if you are one of these people who likes this crap, stop giving it money. Everyone will thank you.

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