The YouTube Channel Has Started

I have decided to go ahead with my YouTube channel and since the initial project that I’ve been working on isn’t near complete I made an intro video instead. It explains what my first series will be like and then my channel in general.

My first major project is something called Conversations With Killers it is a character developing exercise I did years ago which led to the eventual creation and publication of my novel Weapon Of Choice. You don’t have to know or read the book to understand the series it’s more of a prequel type thing or just companion media for those who have read the book. It will also be there to get people more interested in possible reading the book (if they want).

Other than that series, which is already a nightmare of audio and visual editing to work on, I will be talking about several other subjects. Video games, horror movies, music, writing in general, and what’s going on in my life, so vlogging…yay. I’m not that interesting of a person so I don’t expect much to come of any of this but since I do like the idea of film making and working in that industry as well, this should at least give me a lot of good practice. I hope that you decide to join me by subscribing to my channel or at very least giving it a view or two.

Published by naudyvalentine

Romance and erotica author, horror and BDSM enthusiast, I write, live, and breathe variety as it is the spice of life.

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