Patreon: What is it, and why do I have one?

Patreon is a platform where you can help financially support freelance workers of all types. Its a way for content creators to get paid and for fans of that creator to feel like they are making a difference in the creator’s life by helping to support them financially. It’s beneficial to both parties as the creator can use the money to work on projects and in turn being more work and entertainment to their fans.

In my situation, I’m a writer. I would like to be one full time but as of now that is not possible because I don’t make enough money at it. Yeah, I get it, this is the dream of a lot of people and it’s not happening for them either. The thing is that I’m going to keep writing my books and putting them out there if people support me on patreon or not but I am also saying that I can get things written and produced far faster if I have that extra bit of financial support to do it. This is not an ultimatum saying that I won’t write if people don’t pay me it’s just an option to help me write more and on my own terms.

Besides, there are benefits to you as a subscriber if you look into them. For just five dollars a month you can get access to a short erotic story that no one else will see. This will be every month that you pay five dollars. Not a bad deal right? But wait…there’s more. For nine dollars per month you will get access to the short story as well as early access to a new chapter from my current work in progress. You’ll be able to read my latest novel as it’s being written, send me notes on it, and feedback before the rest of the world even sees it.

The top and most powerful subscriber at 20 dollars a month will get everything that I just laid out. The short story, the early access bonus chapter, and….more. Providing me with 20 dollars a month will also get you access to question and answer sessions with me and a one on one phone call to talk about whatever you like. Plus, right now, for a limited time, anyone who becomes a patreon (even if it’s at the five dollar level) will get a hand written postcard thank you, from me, sent right to their house.

There are many great reasons to help support your favorite artists, writers, and other creators via the internet. You get to help them with that extra push and they in turn are able to give you special things that you may never get otherwise from the big name creators. If you decide to support me or not, that’s up to you, I will obviously still be writing and selling my books on Amazon, but I thought I would make this an option as well. Just in case.

Published by naudyvalentine

Romance and erotica author, horror and BDSM enthusiast, I write, live, and breathe variety as it is the spice of life.

2 thoughts on “Patreon: What is it, and why do I have one?

  1. Wishing you all the best for your Patreon journey! I myself don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off, so it’s awesome to see a fellow writers paving their path there. Thanks for the inspiration!


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