When Pets Become Family Life Slows Down

I haven’t posted here in about a week but there’s a good reason for that. It’s because I have a cat recovering from surgery. I know people might be questioning how hard is it to deal with that but trust me, it is.

I have two cats. One is named Wilson (he had a lump on his back which I found recently and it had to be removed via surgery). He’s about 13 years old (though truthfully he could be anywhere between 12 and 14) so he’s a senior cat. He’s also very cranky, spoiled, and particular about everything. The other cat is named Frederick and he will be six years old in July. Yes, it’s crazy that I know that but I got both of these cats under very different sets of circumstances.

I talked about how I came to get Wilson in an older post which you can read here. Frederick was different. Our neighbor found a box of abandoned kittens and she couldn’t keep them. I went over to check out what was going on and saw Frederick. At the time he was a tiny little thing, maybe weighed about two pounds. He was only 5 weeks old (which is why I know roughly when he was born and how old he is now, as compared to Wilson who is more random). Anyway, his testicles were so small they were basically hidden (unlike the rest of the litter because he appeared to be the runt) which led me to think he was female. Originally his name was Frederica of all things. It wasn’t until I took him to the vet to get a maggot removed from his chest (yes you read that right) did they figure out he was a male. The vet was surprised herself, she said, “He has testicles they are small and hidden by they are there”. It was that time that I named him Frederick and eventually he grew into a 20 pound honking monster of a tom cat.

Now, Wilson never liked Frederick because as I’ve explained, Wilson is and always has been a lap cat. Kind of a mama’s boy. He hates other people, but he likes me and always wanted to be around me. Which meant he didn’t want another cat around. I bring home this kitten and he loses his mind. He seriously hid away from me for two weeks to show me how mad he was. When he realized that Fred wasn’t going anywhere he slowly started to tolerate the little guy and teach him things. Mostly grooming. Wilson’s hands off approach to raising this guy has made him a strange cat. Five weeks is too young to rip a kitten away from its mother so Fred had to learn all his “cat behavior” from Wilson. The problem with this is Wilson never really liked him and only taught him the bare minimum of stuff which seems to be:

  1. Poop in the litterbox
  2. How to groom himself
  3. Pouncing on stuff (kind of but not really)

Thanks to this, I have something that looks like a cat and meows like a cat, but hardly acts like a cat. I also have to keep him isolated in one room while Wilson recovers from stitches. This means that I have to parcel out my time between the two. They are also both very needy, whiny, attention seeking buggers who make it hard for me to get anything done. Worse than that, knowing that Wilson just had surgery, is in pain, and suffering isn’t easy on me at all. I hate that he’s frustrated with the situation and I can’t just explain to him why it’s happening. That I can do very little for his pain and that if he just waits one more week it’ll be over.

I also can’t explain to Frederick what happened to Wilson, why he smells funny, why he has a wound on his side, and why he has to stay in this one room all the time not seeing me as much as I’m sure he wants. Believe it or not, it takes an emotional toll on a person and is exhausting. I am behind on everything. Updating my blog, editing my manuscripts, writing my new works…it’s been hell. It will probably continue to be hell for another week until I can take the cone of shame off of Wilson and integrate Frederick back into the rest of the house. Still, I thought I’d take time and make this post so people who follow me know that I’m not going anywhere, it’s just that real life is kicking my ass so being online is kind of my last priority at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “When Pets Become Family Life Slows Down

  1. I can commiserate. I also have two cats, Baby (16) and Sweetie (13). Both are males and while they never really liked one another, there’s always been a tepid tolerance between them. My partner died 7 years ago, and they are the family I have left from her and my relationship, so they are my focal point of everyday life.


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