The Backstory To Birthright (My Bestseller)

Though I think that every book I have put up on my Amazon page is worthy of being called a book, there is one that stands out among the rest to me (and apparently other people). That book is called Birthright. There is something about it that is more powerful and raw to me than the other books that I have listed. That’s not to say I think all the others are bad, just different, and I think there is a very good reason why this is the case.

I didn’t set out to write a story like Birthright, it more just kind of happened on its own. Cordelia Banks being the main character is heavily inspired by an actress/musician who had caught my attention years ago. Her name is Scarlett Pomers and her story is a long,

(Cordelia Banks as portrayed by Scarlett Pomers Image Credit Scarlett Pomers)

deep, depressing and yet inspiring series of events that eventually led to my admiration of her. She started out as a child actress and was well known for being in the show Star Trek: Voyager but her more recent claim to fame (at the time) was a show called Reba. She played a sarcastic, dry witted, young teenager named Kira. During her time on that show she developed an eating disorder. It was not due to the show that she had problems, mind you, in fact the show was very accommodating surrounding those events. They held an intervention, told her she was too skinny, and they were going to get her help. Something she said she’d been in denial about until she was confronted.

While in rehab she wrote an album of music. Only some of which has ever been publicly released. She said that it was her form of therapy and you can really hear that in not only the lyrics but the melodies as well. There’s something very cathartic about listening to the very scarce amount of songs that Scarlett gifted the public with. Around 2014 or so, she stopped doing anything in public and seemingly vanished. There’s no real explanation given for this but if I had to guess it would be something to do with her mental health. If it’s healthier for her mentally and physically to stay out of the spotlight then she should, by all means, take a step back and recover. As much as I enjoy her as an actress and musician (as well as the person that I got to see in interviews) I’d prefer she be happy and healthy no matter what it is that she does.

That being said, there was always something there, about her that eventually culminated into the lead character of my story Birthright. A young woman named Cordelia Banks. While writing this story I had her music on a lot. In fact, I have a playlist now which I consider to be the “unofficial soundtrack” for the book. Not only that but I have gone on to be inspired by other actors to ‘fill in’ the other roles for various reasons. Birthright was born out of being inspired by many different people. Actors like Jessie Williams, Bill Skarsgard, Lara Jean Chorostecki, and Scott Grimes. It was also born out of my love for dystopian and steampunk works as well as thrillers, drama, and romance. Not to mention the whole eroticism that it involves because I love that as well.

The problem is that people don’t seem to understand that even with the book being labeled as erotica, well that’s out of necessity not out of genre choice. The book has a plot and the sex within the plot is character growth. It shows how a powerless slave girl, literally purchased as property, goes from being weak and sniveling to a very powerful dominant woman by the very last page. Through her sexuality and interaction with her love interest Avery Ellington, she finds power in what she is doing. Figures out who she really is and what she really wants. Yes, it’s a story with smut, but it’s not a smut story filled with sex for no reason other than to get people off. I fear because there is so much ‘adult material’ in this book that it will always be written off. People won’t give it a chance because they assume it’s wank material for perverts when that was never my intent.

I only ever wanted to tell a beautiful inspiring story of a young girl who is thrown into a situation she has absolutely no power over and slowly grows into her own independent woman via any means necessary. Just because this book contains adults concepts and BDSM content doesn’t mean it was written for the entire purpose of getting off. There’s real characters, real development, and it was real hard work (blood, sweat, and tears) to get it to where it stands now. I hope that one day people will grasp this concept, be mature enough to understand that mature subjects can be a part of every day reading, and give this work of literature a chance. If not, they are missing out on something great all because a little sex got in the way.

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