Fresh Start

I have decided to start over again on a new platform that is just for blogging. Yes, I will be keeping my author website as well, but, I think this place is more intuitive for bloggers. The formatting I mean. It makes a lot more sense for people who only want to follow my blog. Here they will have the ability to subscribe, get e-mail notifications, and other such things when the host of my author site doesn’t have that ability.

My name is Nadia Valentine. I write romance and erotica. Mainly I have decided that I wanted to show people that books can contain alleged smut content and still have a plot. Still have decent character development. I aim to merge two genres for adults who like to read about sex and sexual situations but also want there to be a story and point behind it. My characters, worlds, and plots are real. Filled with drama and angst. This is more than just pointless erotic porn with no plot. This is world development that happens to contain sexual encounters. Just give one of my books a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Some of my other passions include the horror genre, true crime, classic rock, film editing, and photography. When I say horror, I really do mean horror. Everything about it from the real life macabre to fiction. Growing up one of my favorite authors was Stephen King. He still is but I much prefer his earlier works to anything that he’s done recently. I also love horror movies and hope to write one some day. Not just write but create it, be involved with the entire process. I have been studying film editing, directing, and even special effects for years to better pad my resume and possibly become a film maker as well.

When I’m not pursuing any of that sort of thing I am usually playing video games or cooking, as those are my other passions outside of writing. I have two cats and hopefully, soon, a dog will be added into this crazy mix. I have no idea yet because it’s all about integrating the animals safely. I also live in the lifestyle of BDSM and used to work in it professionally. I could say that as of now it’s another ‘hobby’ but I’m not sure if that’s how to classify it or not. Think of it as you will, and I’m always willing and ready to answer any questions about my time as a dominatrix or BDSM and Edge Play.

I hope you don’t mind the change, specifically to a different blog for blogging. Maybe I will be more inspired to keep up with my daily rantings, raves, and reviews if I am on a platform that is more user friendly with the experience.

Published by naudyvalentine

Romance and erotica author, horror and BDSM enthusiast, I write, live, and breathe variety as it is the spice of life.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Hopefully this new start turns out to be a fun one for you! It’s tough trying to find platforms as a writer, without diluting your own traffic but also making things streamlined. Here’s to finding that balance!


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